Notes & Credits Afterword

A Bill Payne N Bill Payne
B Brianne Racer O Dave Grinnell
C Jessie Schaefer P Jessie Schaefer
D Bill Payne Q Bill Payne
E Robin Vuchnich R Robin Vuchnich
F Jessie Schaefer S Robin Vuchnich
G Jessie Schaefer T Rick Haynes
H Brianne Racer U Jessie Schaefer
I Robin Vuchnich V Jessie Schaefer
J Bill Payne W Bill Payne
K Robin Vuchnich X Donald Trull
L Donald Trull Y Jessie Schaefer
M Robin Vuchnich Z Robin Vuchnich

All artwork is the property of the respective artists. Typography and navigation adapted from the print layout designed by Jessie Schaefer.

Author's acknowledgement to the magical works of Alan Moore

Fancy Renerings