Thanks & Acknowledgments

I'd like to humbly express my respect and gratitude to this honor roll of very important people who, in one way or another, have made The Lard Biscuit possible. There'll always be a little piece of all these folks in all the lard I ever render. Thank you kindly, everybody!

Honorary Lardmeisters

Rick Haynes
Shea Tisdale
Ruffin Prevost
Charles Overbeck
Heinrich Saint-Germain
Joyce Trull, Don Trull and Janice Trull

Friends, Comrades and Heroes

Cecil Adams
Steve Anson
Mandy Barnett
Books Do Furnish a Room
Phil Cappa
The Carolina Hurricanes
Kai-Wei Chung
Brendan DiBona
Todd Diggs
Scott DuBois
Jim Ellis
Jon Elliston
Greg Galloway
John Gibson
Chris Gould
Dave Grinnell
Ricky Haynes
Alan Hicks
Shannon Honaker
Kristal Huller
Brad Johnson
Missy Johnson
David Krotoszynski
Akira Kurosawa
Dave Letterman
Robert Locklear
George Lucas
Todd Martin
Pat McGinnis
Jeff Messer
Frank Miller
Monty Python
Alan Moore
Errol Morris
Bill Payne
Harvey Pekar
Brianne Racer
Chris Robinson
Jessie Schaefer
Willi Schulz
Signal Design Inc.
Alan Smith
Anna Nicole Smith
Dean Smith
Mike Snee
Craig Stehle
Craig Stinson
Mike Sullivan
Joey Suttles
Greg Thayer
Paul Thompson
Robin Vuchnich
Bonnie Velda
Teresa Velda
Kurt Vonnegut
Amanda Walker
Paul Weller
Mike Watt
David Zipper

Special thanks to Boris Cherny and Petros Dolaschjan
for the web template used to design this site

The Lard Biscuit is respectfully dedicated to
Lou Agoncillo (1971-2000) and D. Boon (1957-1985)

D. Trull