The Phest Tests the Condom Kingdom
Ed and D.'s prophylactic stress test determines where the rubber meets the road. The greatest and most beloved Tri-P Gutbuster of all time.
The Mysterious Sword of Charlemagne
Is this historic offering from the Franklin Mint an opulent relic or a hack-and-slash pigsticker?
The Phun Phest's Nutty Puzzles
A challenging assortment of brain-busters specially designed for people who've got better things to do with their time.
The Andrew Snee Memorial Phun Phest
Here's how Ed and D. rewarded the first ever (and only?) Phun Phest fan letter to arrive in the Phoenix mailbag.
Highway's Been Callin' Our Names!
Our grass roots campaign to have a local highway (or bridge) named after ourselves.
HalloPhest: The Terror, The Toothache
A triple-deluxe Halloween bonanza jam-packed with phestive tricks and treats.
Wildlife Knife Ends Exxon's Strife
What finer way to celebrate the wondrous beauty of nature than the Wildlife Knife Collection, from Exxon (of course)?
Concrete Evidence of Southern Pride
Ed and D. chart a sociological map of the South according to the way people pronounce the word "cement."
New Address for 5th Avenue
Ed and D. unwrap the baffling conspiracy of who really invented the 5th Av-en-yoo-hoo... can-dy BAARRR!

D. Trull