Our Mission Statement

The never-ending mission of Lard Biscuit Enterprises is to serve up all the lard that's fit to render; to praise the lard of others and propagate its wider appreciation; to battle valiantly against the multifarious evils that seek to destroy lard and all it represents; to champion the incomparable elegance and beauty possessed by women of lard; and to provide the finest in American lardy goodness that doesn't cost a shitload.

That is the Lard Biscuit Way.

Our History

Lard Biscuit Enterprises was founded on April 12, 1995: the day I received my first Macintosh. That was during a rough time in my life, and buying that computer was the turning point that put me back on the right path, personally and professionally. I decided I needed to create my own company, if for no other reason than to help me focus on the unbridled potential that me and my mighty Power Mac 6100 possessed.

I think "lard" is the funniest and coolest word in the English language. Biscuits are my favorite thing to eat, aside from cheese. I thought "lard" and "biscuit" sounded good together, and that was that. At first, it was just a silly, non-sequitur production company title, but over the years the word "lard" and the name Lard Biscuit Enterprises have taken on new meanings to me.

For most of its existence, Lard Biscuit Enterprises has produced freelance work for other companies. In January 2000, I decided the time had come for Lard Biscuit Enterprises to finally go into business for itself. So I began work on a 100% pure D. Trull web site where I could develop my writing and my passions to the next level of lardy goodness. Lard Biscuit Enterprises is not just a fun personal site with a portfolio of my written works -- it's an epic undertaking that will ultimately map out a complete interactive diagram of my brain, in words and pictures.

I'm wiser and happier now than I was when Lard Biscuit Enterprises first started, and my original "business partner" has long since been traded in for a better and speedier new Mac... but the lard remains the same. I hope you'll join me on my journey to whatever tomorrow may render.

Your humble lardmeister,

D. Trull

D. Trull