A Defense of the Unjustly Maligned Overture to the Star Wars Saga

Prologue: I Have a Bad Feeling About This...
George Lucas versus the fandom menace.

IV. Crush Us, Grind Us into Little Pieces, and Blast Us into Oblivion
Bad plot, bad characters, bad acting, bad everything?
V. I Am Ready to Face the Trials
My rebuttals to the frequently repeated specific criticisms.
VI. It's Not Disrespect, Master, It's the Truth
Nothing's perfect! Here's what I admit could have been better.

I. Your First Step Into a Larger World
The rise, the fall, and the return of the magic of Star Wars.
II. A More Civilized Age
Why The Phantom Menace is a damn good movie.
III. Something Elsewhere... Elusive...
The deeper themes and implications of Episode I.

Epilogue: From a Certain Point of View
Why Return of the Jedi is the Star Wars movie that sucks.