Check out the fringe news web site where I got my start in Internet publishing. Something strange was happening...
Classics from The Lard Letter
Wacky dispatches from my old e-mail newsletter, circa 1995-1996.
The Phoenix Phun Phest
Highlights from the Tri-P Gutbuster, a koo-koo krazy column I wrote with Ed Davis (a.k.a. Ruffin Prevost) for a UNC student magazine.
The Short Fiction of D. Trull
Some short (and not so short) stories of dubious literary value written in the foolish days of my youth, circa 1985-1990.
The Art of D. Trull
I'm not an artist, but I used to pretend like I was. And every once in a while, I still do. Here's some comic strips and crap I've drawn.

D. Trull