1. Double Nickels on the Dime / Minutemen (1984)
"Serious as a heart attack! Makes me feel this way."
2. Wild Wood / Paul Weller (1993)
"I don't care how long this lasts. We have no future, we have no past."
3. One Step Beyond... / Madness (1979)
"Hey you! Don't watch that, watch this!"
4. Led Zeppelin II / Led Zeppelin (1969)
"You need coolin'! Baby, I ain't foolin'!"
5. What Makes a Man Start Fires? / Minutemen (1982)
"I'm waitin'! In third person! I'm collectin'!"
6. Sound Affects / The Jam (1980)
"I've got a pocket full of pretty green. I'm gonna put it in the fruit machine."
7. Absolutely / Madness (1981)
"Naughty boys in nasty schools, headmasters breaking all the rules..."
8. Wha'ppen? / The (English) Beat (1981)
"Every story has to be about something, I suppose."
9. Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat / Minutemen (1983)
"Burned-out wreck spotted on beach, symbol for my life."
10. The Unforgettable Fire / U2 (1984)
"And you know it's time to go, through the sleet and driving snow..."
11. Bat Out of Hell / Meat Loaf (1977)
"The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling, way down in the valley tonight..."
12. Keep Moving / Madness (1984)
"Hurry up, don't slow down, pick up time, don't let hands pull you down..."
13. Marquee Moon / Television (1977)
"What I want, I want now. And that's a whole lot more than anyhow."
14. Exile on Main Street / The Rolling Stones (1972)
"I hear you talkin' when I'm on the street..."
15. Houses of the Holy / Led Zeppelin (1973)
"I had a dream... Crazy dream..."
16. All Mod Cons / The Jam (1978)
"Seen you before. I know your sort. You think the world awaits your every breath."
17. The Specials / The Specials (1979)
"Stop your messing around. Better think of your future."
18. Pink Flag / Wire (1979)
"Our own correspondent is sorry to tell of an uneasy time, that all is not well."
19. Natty Dread / Bob Marley and the Wailers (1978)
"You got to lively up yourself, and don't be no drag!"
20. Murmur / R.E.M. (1983)
21. New Boots and Panties!! / Ian Dury and the Blockheads (1979)
"I come awake with a gift for womankind."
22. Heliocentric / Paul Weller (2000)
"He's the keeper of the lantern. Stone believer, it's a passion."
23. Why the Long Face / Big Country (1995)
"Down at the corner store, never busy any more..."
24. Uncle Anesthesia / Screaming Trees (1991)
"Count the miles before they pass you by..."
25. I've Got a Right to Cry / Mandy Barnett (1999)
"You know you done done me wrong. Come on back home where you belong..."

Greatest hits albums, compilations, live albums and bootlegs are not eligible for these rankings.