Spellbound: The Magic Act of Communication
Do you believe in magic? Maybe you will after you experience this one-of-a-kind artistic collaboration with my colleagues in the graphic design business.
Biscuit Time
The legendary saga of Eating Guy, the evil menace who decides to see what would happen if he ate the entire Earth.
Backmaster vs. Gonemaster
Have you ever heard of automatic writing? I guess you could call this an experiment in automatic cartooning.
The King and Queen of Lard
My vision of Anna Nicole Smith meeting Homer Simpson. Mmmm... doughnuts...
Ehringhaus Pizza T-Shirt
My winning 1988 T-shirt design for E-Haus, the coolest dorm at UNC. "All my life I wanna live in E-Haus, 'Cause E-Haus... rocks the house!"

D. Trull