Writings on various topics of universal significance.

Spellbound: The Magic Act of Communication
Do you believe in magic? A one-of-a-kind artistic collaboration with my colleagues in the graphic design business.
My Love Affair with Anna Nicole Smith
A romantic encomium devoted to my beloved Goddess Supreme, detailing the tragic fate of our star-crossed love.
The Short Fiction of D. Trull
Some short (and not so short) stories of dubious literary value written in the foolish days of my youth, circa 1985-1990.

COMING SOON — Classics from the ParaScope archives:

Artificial Intelligence: Even Better than the Real Thing?
A detailed summary of AI research, on the occasion of IBM's Deep Blue computer beating chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997.
Tesla: The Electric Magician
A biographical sketch of Nikola Tesla, the tragically underappreciated genius and inventor who paved the way for modern technology.

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