Chapter Two

As Friday evening approached Tracey Harrison luxuriated in her power shower. It was a huge shower that had been installed only a few months back. The entire en-suite bathroom had been re-fitted from the standard build and was truly state of the art. Water cascaded down every which way and that, coating Tracey’s fake-tanned curves in a glittering film of warm water. Her eyes were closed and the blonde hottie thought of the evening ahead.

She was hosting a make-up night for her wide circle of friends and expected about sixteen ladies round. The lead therapist from Elements Beauty Spa was coming to assist the ladies in their make-up/beauty product choices and a buffet had been set up by caterers. At the end of the night Tracey would take a commission on products sold and got a hefty discount at Elements. She also enjoyed having her girlfriends round and showing off her wonderful home.

Reaching across she turned the shower off and stepped out onto the heated bathroom floor. Her soft feet padded across the warm tiling and she took hold of a towel. The bathroom mirror was misted up so she couldn’t check her looks, but glancing down Tracey still had to confront her increasingly portly body.

She knew she hadn’t shed any of the weight she’d packed on over Christmas. Her boobs jutted out like two rock-hard, saline-packed orbs. However, they were the only solid part of her plump, softening body. She ran the towel over her belly, then around her wide hips and then her considerable posterior.

Biting a collagen-pumped lip Tracey wrapped the towel round her and glanced at the weighing scales. She hadn’t looked at them since before Christmas. Remembering Kath’s playful but honest comments and how badly she needed to diet, with a sigh she stepped forward onto the scales to see how much she’d really gained.

As the plump hottie’s curves wobbled, the needle plunged upwards and downwards before settling on a number.

Tracey's Party

“Oh myyyyyyy,” gasped Tracey.

She couldn’t bring herself to look at the figure again and leaped back like a cat doused in water. It was the heaviest she’d ever been. In disgust Tracey turned back to the bedroom and away from the horrible scales. The retreating chubby bun almost ran across the master bedroom and flopped down on the king-sized bed, burying her head in the pillows. Like an ostrich she just couldn’t accept those figures.

“No way do I weigh that much,” groaned Tracey. “I’m gonna get Steve to get some new scales...”

Then the tears began to roll. Reality was, after all, reality.

“Oh it’s true, who am I kidding? I’m soooo fat.”

Her blonde head spun as she tried to comprehend the weight she’d piled on. Just three years back Tracey had been her slim, toned, pageant-winning ideal. True, she’d been thirty-three but with her boob job and obsession with beauty therapy she’d been every bit the conventional hottie. But then she’d divorced her first husband, who obsessed over her weight, moved out and begun to gain.

Alone, Tracey had turned to food for comfort. The divorce had put the somewhat airheaded blonde under immense pressure and she’d struggled to cope. Then she’d started her affair with Steve and was suddenly happy again. He’d swept her off her feet and moving in with him Tracey had found herself plumping up. She just couldn’t resist all the treats and she was secure that her new husband loved her for her.

“...and Steve still says I’m hot,” she explained to herself. “And Sir Fred does and so does everybody in the world...even Kath...but I’m such a little piggy now...”

Then an idea popped into blondie’s head.

“Maybe I can be both chubby and hot?”

Tracey's Party

She puzzled on that for a moment. The neurons in her brain began firing as Tracey tried to connect the dots. She was hot -- everyone said she was. She got compliments all the time. But she was also definitely chubby -- the scales proved that.

The baffled yummy mummy reached over for the phone and picked a number from speed dial. The phone rang four times before a voice picked up.

“Hi Tracey,” said Steve, his voice faint from the sound of the road in the background.

“Steve, it’s me.”

“Yep, I got that, babe,” said Steve; his eyes on the caller ID.

“I just got on the scales,” whispered Tracey, “and I weigh...”

“For heaven’s sake,” Steve interrupted, practically shouting, “stop worrying about that! Please! I don’t care a whit about that and I wish you wouldn’t either. You’re a total ten and you know it so stop being stupid...”


Steve was hearing none of it. From his experience Tracey could waste hours worrying about her appearance for no good reason. His wife could also be a total ditz and lose any sense of perspective she had in the first place. Besides, he thought she looked great.

“Get yourself changed into that sexy dress you bought and get ready for your party.”

Tracey bit her lip. “But Steve...”

“Don’t but Steve me,” he countered. “You’re a total babe so stop fretting over nothing.”

“I’m not fretting over nothing...” snapped Tracey.

“Oh yes you are,” chuckled Steve. “You’re a sexy momma and I love you for it. Now go fix yourself up, stop fretting and have fun...and stop hassling me over nothing.”

The line went dead.

Tracey smiled; her husband’s comments as to her beauty had been forthright as always. She hauled herself up of the bed. Steve had bucked her up like he always did. Tracey pushed thoughts of her weight from her mind and headed off to the wardrobe to make herself look beautiful. Her ego boosted the blonde babe set about the task in hand with gusto.

Just over an hour later Tracey gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She did look stunning.

She was wearing a pink silk A Line dress she’d bought from Harvey Nichols. The neckline was plunging and showed off her boobs whilst the dress itself flared out and Tracey hoped it hid some of her excess bulges. The hem ended mid-thigh and her plump, tanned legs were very on show. A pair of tall, cream heels forced her to pooch her rear out for balance and added to the hourglass effect.

A glittering gold necklace and bracelet completed the Barbie doll look as did her cascading platinum blonde hair.

Tracey couldn’t resist blowing herself a kiss.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,” she giggled to herself. “Who is the fairest of them all? I am!”

With that she twirled round on her heels and headed out of the bedroom. Walking down the stairs Tracey felt sexy. The silk was smooth against her skin and she lovingly glanced at her perfectly made-up face in the mirror. Her heels clacked on the tiled floor as she entered the kitchen and glanced at the buffet. With a guilty smile she reached for a piece of fruitcake and greedily placed it between her glossy lips.

“Mmmm,” purred Tracey. She took another piece and glanced over at the kitchen table. Her mobile phone had a text message. She stepped across and clicked the green button. The text was from her husband. It read:

Hi babe...missing you

She smiled at that.

“Aw that’s sweet.”

So she sent:

Miss you you loads too...and thanks

Then the doorbell rang and the first guest arrived.

Kath Mitchell was running late, so almost an hour later she turned her unassuming Vauxhall Astra onto Copley Crescent and looked round for number forty. She was deep in the new build housing estate of Woodfield Plantation and by the look of it at the expensive end. All the homes were brand new, detached and with brand new cars and 4x4’s parked out side. It was a little like “Lego land” and very different from Kath’s 17th century cottage but she could imagine Tracey loving it.

She guessed number forty was one of the bigger houses at the end of the cul de sac. There was a crowd of cars parked in the drive and round the curb. Kath squeezed in behind a silver Mercedes convertible. She noted the familiar private vanity plate: DJB 33.

That meant Tracey’s counterpart Davina Barker was at the party.

Stepping out and walking up the drive way Kath felt nervous. The only other girl at the party she really knew was Tracey and she was far from her comfort zone. Kath had never been to a make-up party before and part of her was flattered at the invite. True, she did know Davina Barker from work but they had never really spoken. Davina was a glamorous senior manager and always had the untouchable, perfect image so Kath had kept her distance.

With a nervous gulp Kath pressed the doorbell and waited.

She could hear the noise from the party and an approaching click-clack of heels. The door burst open and the astonishingly gorgeous Tracey Harrison burst through it, throwing her arms around Kath’s neck and pulling her close to her scarcely before she had time to give her an admiring stare. She planted a kiss on Kath’s cheek.

“Glad you could make it, babes!” she said enthusiastically and with what appeared to be sincerity. “I was worried you weren’t going to get here!”

“Just got lost...” stammered Kath.

The embrace over, Tracey checked out Kath’s outfit. Her toned figure was displayed very sexily in a short skirt and a form-fitting top. No doubt Kath was starting to take her fashion advice.

“You look breathtaking, Kath huni, absolutely gorgeous!”

Kath smiled at the compliment.

“Talking about gorgeous, Tracey,” countered Kath in her version of an excitable beauty queen voice, “that dress looks totally amazing on you, it really does.”

The got the desired beaming smile.

“Aw thanks, Kath...I got it in the Harvey Nichols sale. Steve got it me as a Christmas present.”

Tracey then grabbed hold of Kath’s arm and dragged her on into the party.

“Come on in, Kath...the party’s going strong and you can get your make-over and all my friends are dying to meet you.”

The nervous Kath was led into a spacious living room that had been cleared out for the party. In one corner a tall slim redhead was applying make-up to an older but equally slim brunette and a small gaggle of women stood round to watch. Another group had formed with Lucy Richards at the centre and then another stood by the buffet table. The buffet table sub-group existed with two hot blondes and the brunette Davina Barker as part of the group. Kath gulped. It was like she’d been let into the beautiful people’s sanctuary.

“I’m certainly moving in different social circles...” thought Kath to herself.

“You’re right, all your friends are hot,” she whispered to Tracey.

“Yeah I told you so.”

Joining the buffet table group Kath listened in to the chatter.

“Tracey, I just love what you’ve done with the house,” said Davina. “It must have been a major project re-decorating.”

“Yeah, we went to this shop in Bawtry and this girl just sorted it all for us. She understands my tastes so well. She’s doing a room at a time. Next she’s doing the spare bedroom and we’re having it themed Venetian style.”

She turned to Kath and explained, “Me and Steve went to Venice last summer and loved the style.”

“Yeah,” laughed Kath. “You’ve told me about that a few times at work.”


Davina chipped in, “Oh I many times has told you about her Marbella holiday?”

Kath blinked and checked Davina Barker out. Usually at work or office parties she had a haughty, ice queen expression across her face but now she was actually talking to her like an equal. Not like Kath was only a junior manager but like she was “one of the girls.” Times were indeed changing.

“Once or twice, yes.”

Oblivious, Tracey switched onto her Marbella holiday.

“It was sooo awesome as well. We stayed at this five star hotel and saw loads of celebs. I saw Shane Ward and I think I saw Simon Cowell too in a Ferrari and I spent loads on shoes...they have these awesome designer shops.”

Davina and Kath exchanged a glance.

“It’s like someone hits the ’play’ button to get her talking about her ostentatious spending habits,” thought Kathy.

“Yeah, and have you paid the credit card off yet?” jabbed Davina mischievously.

Tracey’s smug expression faded and she licked her plump lips. She tried not to think about her credit cards.

“ yet...”

With that Kath learned a key lesson. Brag too much and one of your hot babe friends will be quite happy to cut you down to size.

The party moved on and Kath found herself mingling happily. In her trendy outfit she was accepted as one of the beautiful people and she was enjoying the eye candy. She’d chatted to a plump blonde called Nikki who was sporting curves similar to Tracey’s. They’d chatted about make-up and fashion before Nikki had launched into a gooey discussion of her husband and two kids. That put her out of bounds for Kath.

Then Kath had enjoyed a little pampering herself and under Tracey’s encouragement. Before she knew it she’d managed to splurge over £200 on facial creams, make-up and lip gloss.

Eventually she’d drifted over to the buffet and filled her plate and stood chatting to the beautiful Tracey and Davina. The three all worked for SFR Ltd and were talking shop.

“ I take it you’re not going to recommend Andrew Parker for promotion to level two manager,” said Davina, “because I know he’s applied.”

“Of course not!" rushed Tracey. “After what he did to you, Davina babes, he went straight in the bin.”

Kath didn’t say anything. It was common knowledge Davina had been sleeping with the dishy Andrew Parker and that had led to the separation from her second husband. SFR Ltd was often like a soap opera with Andrew Parker often part of it. Kath found him sleazy and dislikable but he definitely had a way with the ladies.

“We don’t like Andrew any more do we, Kath?”

“No,” smiled Kath sweetly. He certainly was no interest of hers.

“Good,” pouted Davina. “Did you see him at the Christmas party?”

“Dancing with that girl Gemma Dunkley in admin?”

Davina nodded. It had been the low point in her separation. Andrew Parker had dropped her like a lead weight after the affair became public knowledge and the whole company had watched him flirt shamelessly with girls right in front of her. Davina had felt her hot babe status threatened. She’d been stuck on the side of the dance floor with Tracey whilst everybody laughed at her expense. Davina’s blood had boiled and she wanted Andrew Parker to pay a heavy price.

“Yes, you know he slept with her that night?”

Tracey smiled smugly.

“Kath’s doing her review on Monday,” Tracey chirped whilst reaching over for the buffet again.

Davina didn’t miss a beat. Beaming a smile at Kath she decided it was time to get in her good books. Gemma Dunkley would also pay a price for humiliating her. So she said.

“I love your outfit,” Davina said with a finger tracing Kath’s middle.“You’ve got the kind of tum me and Tracey lost a while back”

Kath was about to say something nice in return when another voice interrupted.

“Yeah, you and Tracey have been getting fatter and fatter,” interjected Lucy Richards as she patted the two plump behinds. With a wicked smile she noted just how much both plumpers jiggled.

“Ouch,” squealed Tracey, almost spilling her plate full of buffet food.

“Lucy!” wailed Davina, “don’t...”

“You’re picking up loads of office flab too, Davina,” continued Lucy. “But then I suppose after your husband chucked you out there’s been some stress. I hear you’ve been driving round in some crappy little car...”

“I’ve got my Merc back now,” snapped Davina.

“Oh, but it’s not quite my Bentley, is it?”

Davina didn’t say anything, she just glared. Tracey looked in horror -- Davina was her best mate and this was her party.

“Why does Lucy have to be so horrible all the time?” she steamed.

For her part Kath couldn’t believe anybody could talk to Davina Barker like that. At work she was brutally efficient and almost untouchable but Lucy clearly had no respect for her husband’s Marketing Manager.

“Well it isn’t quite a Bentley, is it?” laughed Lucy again before checking out the two stacked plates, “and I can see you’ve both been enjoying the buffet too.”

She patted the two bubble butts again.

“Isn’t it sweet, two office buddies getting fat together. What size are you now, Tracey?”

Kath watched her friend struggle with a response. Her brown eyes narrowed and she could see Tracey Harrison wanting to let rip. But she daren’t. Tracey wasn’t very brave and her tormentor was also her boss’s wife. So she said nothing. Climbing the social ladder was everything for Tracey and she knew Sir Fred was her way up. But Kath was less concerned and had no such restraints.

“Actually I think Tracey looks gorgeous.”

Lucy glared at Kath. “And who exactly are you?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“I suppose you know who I am?” snorted Lucy.

“Yes I do. You were Sir Fred’s PA before he married you, and now me and you are going to have a private little talk,” said Kath with authority before taking Lucy’s arm and pulling her away from the two squirming babes. Lucy Richards was an obnoxious, insecure bully and Kath was going to pull her into line.

Once out of ear shot Kath snarled. “That was mean what you said to those two.”

“But true.”

“No, they both look stunning and you know it. That’s why you’re snappy, because your husband spends half his time at work chasing them round and you’re jealous and insecure.”

“How dare you!” snapped Lucy.

Kath ignored her. “Now Tracey invited you to her party and she’s been nice to you. The least you can do is go over there and apologize to her and then play nice. Buy lots of this stupid make-up too.”

Lucy placed her hands on her hips and glared down at Kath. She was taller but at the same time Kath posed an intimidating figure.

“Or else what?”

“Or I’ll kick your scrawny ass so bad you’ll need another nose job,” she reached over and took Lucy’s hand, digging her fingers into a pressure point.

“Ouch!” squealed Lucy. She was even less brave than Tracey, which Kath knew.

“I’m a black belt in three martial arts and I’m the local kickboxing champion,” continued Kath. “So, do you understand?”

Lucy nursed her sore hand and nodded. She got the message all right. From the fire in her eyes the trophy wife could see Kath Mitchell would defend her fat-assed friend. And she suspected her husband would approve if he knew.


“Good. I’ll be watching -- talk to them both, then go see what products you can use.”

Meanwhile Tracey and Davina were still standing together. Both were in shock and awe at Kath and relieved she’d taken Lucy away. Back before she’d married Sir Fred, they had been close friends with Lucy as they climbed their way up the company ladder. All three had started as office juniors and they knew Sir Fred fancied them. In fact they’d often laughed together about how they had him wrapped around their little fingers.

“Lucy is such a stuck-up bitch now,” hissed Tracey.

“Yeah, since she married Sir Fred she thinks she’s us or something,” added Davina.

“ she’s not...”

“She used to be such a cool friend too,” mused Davina. “But that was before she married him and got so uppity,”

“Yeah, I used to love Lucy loads.”

The two stood together. Both wondered what Kath was saying and neither could get Lucy’s assault on their fuller figures out of their heads.

“I’m not that fat, am I?” whispered Davina.

“Um...errr...maybe you’ve put on a little. But so have I.”

Nervously Davina ran her hands down her tighter that it should be skirt. No doubt she was bigger. A little belly had popped out and she had grown herself an office ass. Davina placed her hand on her tummy and smiled ruefully.

“I think I’m catching up with you, Trace.”

Tracey giggled and patted her own paunch.

“I love to eat,” she rushed. “Chocolate gateau is like almost as good as sex.”

Davina laughed. “I haven’t had sex in like two months.”


Davina glanced over her mate’s shoulder at the buffet table. Her eyes rested on a big chocolate gateau. “ you see that chocolate gateau?”

Excitedly Tracey clapped her hands together as an idea popped into her head. Her plump arms wobbling and her mouth watering she exclaimed, “Let’s go eat it.”

“All of it?”

Tracey nodded. “Yeah, you said you hadn’t had sex in a month...”

The sex-starved Davina patted her belly and laughed. “Let hope it’s a good cake...”

“Oooo two months is a long time, me and Steve do it at least...”

“Shut up Tracey, you’re not making me feel better!”

“Sorry, but Steve is awesome in bed.”

“Zip it!”

Tracey's Party

The chocolate gateau itself was huge and greedily the two plumping beauties carried it away from the main party and towards Steve’s snooker room. Neither wanted the other women at the party to know quite what pigs they were about to be. They had just reached the doorway when Lucy appeared.

“What are you two doing?” she asked.

Tracey tried to think of a face-saving explanation but gave up quickly.

“Um...we’re gonna eat this chocolate gateau,” stammered Tracey.

Lucy fought back the urge to make a comment about their spreading waistlines but held back. She’d listened to what Kath said and in truth she missed her two buddies. She had been close with the two back when they’d worked together and truth be told Lucy knew she’d been horrible to them. “No wonder they both hate me...”

“Look, girls,” sighed Lucy. “I’m sorry for what I said earlier.”

The two porky beauties frowned. What Lucy had said had stung but both were anxious to get along. So Tracey giggled, “You wanna eat this chocolate gateau with us?”

“I can’t. I watch my diet carefully.”

“Just try a piece,” encouraged Davina. “It’s divine.”

Lucy couldn’t resist. She dunked a long, manicured finger into the chocolate icing and licked it off. It was sweet, sugary, gooey and so decadent. For a woman starving herself on health food it was a revelation. She’d forgotten what a sweet tooth she had. The trophy wife dunked another finger in.

“Ooo it’s good”

“We’re going to the snooker room,” whispered Tracey, “to eat it.”

“All of it?”

“Yep,” and as if it explained it all she added, “Davina hasn’t had sex in two months.”

The slightly tipsy Lucy laughed. “Ouch, that’s not like you, Davina.”

Davina shot Tracey an irritated glanced for blabbing out her frustrations and then explained, “Andrew doesn’t return my calls and my ex won’t talk to me so I need a chocolate fix.”


“So we’re gonna have some fun,” exclaimed Tracey. “Let’s go cos this cake is awesome!”

Lucy frowned.

“Come on, just relax Lucy,” added Davina. “Just remember all the fun times we used to have. You gotta let your hair down every once in a while. Besides, we kind of miss you now you’re the lady of the manor and too good for us.”

The trophy wife watched as the two walked past. She fought with the urges and thought of her strict diet plan. Watching the two disappearing badonkadonk butts she thought: “if I start to let myself go I’ll blow up like you two and then my husband still drools over those two...”

Then she licked another bit of chocolate icing from her fingers. She also missed her two one-time buddies and their silly conversations. Many hours had been spent on the town with Tracey and Davina but her marriage into riches had pushed them apart. “Or rather I pushed them away...”

Moments later she grabbed two bottles of champagne and followed on.

With a curious look on her face Kath watched the three head out of the main party. Three beautiful women, a giant chocolate gateau and two bottles of champagne; quite a combination. Kath grabbed a blueberry cheesecake and another bottle and followed on.

“You three are gonna be so stuffed and drunk you won’t believe...”

Once in the snooker room Kath set to work and placed the cheesecake and her extra bottle of champagne down next to the chocolate gateau. The three glamour girls were already digging into the chocolate gateau with wild abandon. Tracey had a huge piece of the gooey mixture and Kath noted little chocolate stains round the side of her lips. Davina and Lucy were equally engrossed.

“I’ll cut you another piece,” whispered Kath.


“Yeah...and some cheesecake too.”

The first piece had disappeared, and like the greedy girl she’d become Tracey grabbed another piece from the plate and held it in front of her. She guiltily bit her pink, high-gloss lips and eyed the cake. Her big brown eyes focused on the sweet, tasty cake and her mouth began to water. Any thoughts about holding back vanished from her mind and blondie took another big bite. Licking chocolate from her lips she chewed with a satisfied smile on her face.

Kath watched the blonde babe stuff herself.

“Oh my you are blimping out...”

In her pink party dress Tracey looked liked an overfed prize poodle. The kind whose owner had overindulged it for years with sweets and treats. Tracey’s stomach seemed to be jutting out even more than ever and pushed hard against the pink material of her dress. The dress was also tight round her sides and showed off love handles where the elastic of her thong dug into her soft flesh.

The almost too short dress also gave Kath a mouth watering view of her short, fake-tanned legs. Those once super-toned legs had grown meaty and chunky. Her thighs were thick, soft, and Kath could make out absolutely no muscle tone what so ever. Indeed, with a mouthful of chocolate gateau the former Miss Doncaster looked chubby and amazingly voluptuous. Even her beautiful face looked so much rounder with full, plump cheeks and a second chin.

“Hey Kath,” mumbled Tracey as she took a final bite of cake, “how about passing over some cheesecake?”

“Coming right up.”

Happy to oblige, Kath handed over a generous piece to her portly blonde friend. Behind her another voice said.

“Ahem,” Davina said holding her plate out. She’d been keeping pace with Tracey and wanted her fill. Kath smiled out and handed Davina across a generous piece.

“Is that all?” pouted Davina, still holding her plate out.

“Take what you want,” laughed Kath as she dumped the cheesecake on Davina’s place. “Eat as much and get as fat as you like...hey, get as fat as Tracey here if you want...”

Davina smiled smugly and tucked in. She was enjoying the food and she was getting good vibes from Kath. With a wink to Kath she said, “You like watching us pig out?”

Kath blushed. “Just a little.”

Kath watched the threesome eat -- slower now but as they laughed and giggled they stuffed more cake and drank more champagne than she could imagine. Even the model-thin Lucy was sporting a little belly. Kath couldn’t stop her mind wandering into fantasy land as their bloated blonde hostess took a final bite of cheesecake.

“Oh Tracey, you are such a little piggy,” thought Kath to herself. “I bet if I jabbed that belly of yours you’d go pop like a balloon. No doubt you’re so tightly packed in there you’d just flat-out explode. But I’m not, I’m going to keep feeding you up like the little piggy you are and you’re gonna blimp out big time...”

Noticing the look she was getting, Tracey frowned. “Kath, why are you looking at me funny?”

That comment pulled Kath out of fantasy land. “Umm...I’m not...just drunk.”

“Me too,” giggled Tracey. “I’m soooo totally wasted so pass me another glass will ya, sweetie?”

Tracey's Party

Inspired by Rubens

Tracey’s Party: Chapter Three

Hot Chicks

"Tracey’s Party" text and characters are the property of Samster. Originally published at Dimensions and edited by Observer. Reprinted with permission. Illustrations are the property of Samster and Lard Biscuit Enterprises.