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Sophie Dahl

British model Sophie Dahl is the granddaughter of Roald Dahl, the legendary children's author best known as the creator of Willy Wonka. And in her prime, Sophie certainly looked like she'd know her way around a chocolate factory. The 40-30-40 blonde bombshell turned the fashion world on its ear by becoming a top name on the modeling scene, in spite of her unapologetically plump figure. For one of her early Vogue shoots, most of her outfits were unfastened in the back, because there weren't any in size 14.

It's unlikely that Sophie would suffer any such wardrobe malfunctions these days, since she has slimmed down to the point of being indistinguishable from any typical fashion model. Sophie caused a big stir posing nude in an Yves Saint Laurent perfume ad, and its alleged offensiveness certainly could not be blamed on the baring of surplus body fat, because she no longer has any. She has also taken up a new career as an author, following in her grandfather's footsteps. This gallery of vintage photos is dedicated to the times when "Sophie and the Giant Peaches" was a joke that still meant something.

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