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Ever since I launched this site back in 2000, the number one most requested addition to my Hot Chicks galleries has been Nigella Lawson. I've always been an admirer of the beautiful British author and TV cooking star, but back then I wasn't able to find enough quality photographs of her. That's no longer a problem, and even though Nigella was 41 back then and is now going on 50, she's still "gettin' it done," as Dave Letterman would say. The queen of all MILFs, Nigella well deserves the honor of being the eldest inductee into the Lard Biscuit Hot Chicks hall of fame without being slotted in the Beauties of the Past category.

Voluptuous Nigella's inimitable television programs have been characterized (both favorably and with disdain) as culinary erotica. Ostensibly this description pertains to the host's sensuous persona and her ample bustline, but I think most observers are afraid to point out the key source of her appeal. It's the forbidden allure of a gorgeous woman relishing the wanton pleasures of delicious food without regard to calories and fat grams. Whereas cooking shows are traditionally about feeding the family and entertaining guests, Nigella makes no apologies for sating her own ravenous appetite. Her trademark show closer is raiding her fridge for midnight leftovers, and Nigella cheerfully admits that her indulgences during one production season resulted in her gaining 14 pounds, as tracked by weekly weigh-ins on the set.

"I love eating," she says. "Sometimes I think, 'My God, I should stop shovelling food in.' [But} Long ago I decided that I didn't want to be very thin. And once you've taken that decision, you're a lot more relaxed about life."

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