Mia Tyler

Mia Tyler comes from a famous family, the daughter of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and half-sister of actress/model Liv Tyler. Mia inherited the big Tyler lips, but she didn't get the skinny Tyler hips. The rubenesque Mia is a top model in the plus-size fashion business, with her weight cited at 155 pounds in the early days of her career. Over time, Mia's figure plumped up most beautifully, particularly after a spree of post-marital indulgence. Upon her controversial agreement to appear on the Celebrity Fit Club weight-loss series in 2005, Mia boldly let the world see her tip the scales at 210. Her insistence on simply getting into better shape without dropping a lot of weight led to much friction on the program, and the experience had little long-term impact on her figure. Thank goodness.

Like her sister before her, Mia has ambitions to make the jump from modeling to acting. She has only scored minor roles to date, most memorably being featured as the most enchanting of the three riverside sirens in the Coen brothers' O Brother, Where Art Thou? There was a time when Mia's beauty utterly eclipsed her lanky bag-of-bones sibling, but Liv has since added some nice curves and become respectably voluptuous in her own right.

"I was always a big kid and I'm okay with that, but I know that it would have been better growing up if I had seen role models who had figures like me," Mia says. "Beauty comes in all different packages." Now that's what I call a sweet emotion.

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