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Marilyn Monroe

History has a tendency to overstate the voluptuosity of Marilyn Monroe, as exemplified in the widely distributed myth that she wore a size 16. She wasn't anywhere near that big, with measurements commonly cited at a slender 37-24-35, and even in her fullest-figured phases she would scarcely have been a modern size 12. Nevertheless, any admirer of luxurious feminine curves has to give props to Norma Jeane, the original blonde bombshell and icon of the hourglass shape.

No matter what her precise dimensions were, it's true that film producer assholes today would insist that she call back after dropping a good fifteen pounds. Marilyn probably didn't have that pressure to contend with during her troubled lifetime, and thank goodness for that. As a bedazzled Jack Lemmon confided to Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot, she was just like Jello on springs. Hollywood has since forgotten that this remark was a compliment.

She was Marilyn. And quite frankly, that's all I need to say.

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