Linsey Ward

A British beauty who has modeled for a number of big-bust magazines and web sites, lovely Linsey Ward has undergone considerable changes over the course of her career. Linsey's hair color has ranged from her natural brunette to a redhead phase before she settled on the platinum blonde tresses that best suit her angelic face. She has also appeared under the name "Lindsie" on the Busty Brits web site, perhaps as a means to distinguish herself from the better-known Linsey Dawn McKenzie, another buxom nudie model from the U.K.

Best of all, Ms. Ward has fleshed out her figure with an extra thirty pounds or so since her her early work as a model for the SCORE Group, splendidly thickening her brick-house hips and thighs. Seriously, those luscious legs look powerful enough to destroy a man in more ways than one. But sadly, indications suggest that Linsey will be retiring from the modeling scene, if she hasn't already. "This has been fun," she said in a 2003 interview. "Some girls waitress their way through school. I posed nude. I think my way's more interesting."

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