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Kate Winslet

Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships, but Kate Winslet had the face that turned the sinking of a ship from a potential cinematic disaster into something worth watching. I had never heard of her before Titanic, but here was this beautiful, curvaceous young woman who dared to weigh more than 120 pounds, starring as the romantic heroine in a giant Hollywood blockbuster. What a rare and welcome sight. I was spellbound by Kate's lovely round-cheeked face and her meaty figure poured into those corsetted period gowns. Oh yeah, and she could act, too.

Kate's sudden notoriety at the time prompted ceaseless commentary about how fat she was. Of course, she wasn't, but she wasn't skinny, either. Kate took pride in her unfashionable curves, assuring us, "I'm happy with the way I am. I'm not like American film stars."

Well, guess what? Kate went on to slim herself down to a size and shape that fully complies with American film star standards. I still think she's pretty, but any insinuation that today's Kate is overweight or even voluptuous is strictly delusional. And so I hereby remove Ms. Winslet from the active Hot Chicks roster and duly commemorate her past achievements here.

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