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Kate Dillon

Beginning a successful career as a slender fashion model at the age of 16, Kate Dillon was widely hailed as "the next Cindy Crawford." But she was secretly battling anorexia, desperate to keep her 5' 11" body at an underweight size 6. When Kate sought help from a nutritionist, she began eating normally and gained 15 pounds -- which made her modeling agencies and clients complain that she was getting fat. Disgusted with the fashion business, Kate quit modeling and decided to be herself. "I gave myself the freedom to be who I was, the freedom to screw up, the freedom to be fat, the freedom to be smart -- the freedom to just be."

Kate later chose to step in front of the cameras once again -- this time, as a plus-size model. Fluctuating from a size 14 to an opulent size 18, she became one of the most famous faces in plus-size modeling and an outspoken advocate for size acceptance, and was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" multiple times.

More recently, Kate has significantly lost weight to the point of almost looking like a straight-size model once again. She continues to find work for Lane Bryant and other clients that insist on using "faux-plus" models, contrary to the proven public demand for more realistically shaped models. I prefer to remember the classic Kate Dillon from the prime of her career, who was described as a "one-woman aesthetic restoration."

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