Fluvia Lacerda

Considering how Brazil is stereotypically known for its beautiful women blessed with big, shapely, thong-clad bottoms, it comes as a surprise that Fluvia Lacerda is presently the only Brazilian export on the international plus-size modeling scene. Since the gorgeous native of Rio de Janeiro was discovered by a MODE magazine editor on a New York City bus, Fluvia has become a familiar face working for retailers like Biluzik, Torrid and IGIGI. She has been characterized as "the plus size version of Gisele," which in my terms means she's the attractive version of Gisele.

"Most people who I met at the beginning told me I wouldn't go anywhere at my height (I'm 5'8") or that pear shapes weren't the popular types amongst clients," Fluvia remarked. "I'm Latina, I have big hips, what can I say!" Boy, is that ever the truth. Fluvia is ridiculously, mind-meltingly sexy across every ample inch of her 42-35-48 frame, and those sumptuous, reproduction-encouraging haunches are her most enchanting attribute. To paraphrase an old classic Letterman bit, she's not sorta hot. She's Lacerda hot.

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