Christina Hendricks

Former model Christina Hendricks has found her proper place in the universe in her role as femme fatale office manager Joan Holloway on the outstanding AMC drama Mad Men. Series creator Matt Weiner is driven by a fanatical level of realism in his portrayal of the early 1960s, which includes casting actresses with period-appropriate looks. Christina is marvelously zaftig, entrancing the men of Sterling-Cooper ad agency (and the show's small but devoted home audience) with her bountiful curves that are so sadly out of fashion these days.

"I've always had boobs and hips, even when I was 115 pounds," says the redheaded stunner. "And here I am, much heavier than when I was modeling, and all of a sudden people are giving me positive feedback." A glimpse at her character's driver's license revealed a height of 5' 8" and a weight of 140, though one can well imagine Joan having the vanity to shave off 10 or 15 pounds in what she reports to the New York DMV. On one occasion the agency creatives were brainstorming an ad campaign with the premise that all women aspire to be either a Jackie Kennedy or a Marilyn Monroe. Then one of the copywriters corrected himself: "Actually, Marilyn is a Joan." And that's an apt summation of what makes Christina Hendricks one of the most electrifying presences on television.

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