On her breasts:

Everything I have is because of them.

— People Weekly, August 21, 1996

My breasts never exploded. No. I had to have some attention from a doctor. But my breasts did not explode like a volcano.

— Entertainment Tonight, 1997

It's hard to shop for big-breasted women. You have to get the bras specially made.

— Entertainment Tonight, February 2000

On her weight:

I just always felt fat -- and that was when I weighed 125. My bones used to stick out so bad in my jeans. I looked really disgusting. I would never get that small again.

More and more women are coming out about their weight. I get thank-you letters all the time. Or they stop me on the street and say, "I'm so glad you're here -- that you weigh as much as you do. Finally, there's a woman and not a waif." I used to dress up like Marilyn Monroe. I have all her songs and movies. Most men, I think, like a womanly figure.

— Los Angeles Magazine, January 1994

When I was younger I wanted to be a model, but all the agencies back home said I was too fat and that I should lose weight and darken my hair. Thin models look so unhealthy. Who wants to be a skeleton?

— Playboy's Anna Nicole Smith magazine special, 1995

I want to gain back some weight [after losing about 100 pounds]. I feel better and look better. Anna Nicole is a voluptuous woman.

— USA Today, April 28, 1998

On food:

I love to eat! I just, you know, I eat everything, anything I want.

I love fast food. I love pizza. My favorite's pizza with ranch dressing on it, and ketchup.

— Late Night with Conan O'Brien, June 1995

On posing for Playboy:

There were all these people in the room [during her first Playboy shoot]. But I wouldn't open my legs or nothing. I never used to even let my boyfriend have on the lights when we were in bed. I didn't want him to see my body or anything.

— People Weekly, April 12, 1993

I love the camera. It's a deep, deep passion. I get real into my body. I don't consciously work at making my poses look sexy. I just do it.

— Playboy's Anna Nicole Smith magazine special, 1995

On marketing her sexuality:

Why not? It's fun. I was worried about it at first, because I have this thing about going to hell. I don't want to go. I always used to think, Am I going to hell for this? God is not going to like this. I talked to a lot of people, and they said, "Adam and Eve was born naked. God thinks your body's a beautiful thing." So that helped me to do it.

— Los Angeles Magazine, January 1994

On her son Daniel:

He's seen everything -- even my videos. He just thinks, It's Mom. He's more like a father or a husband. He says, "Mom, if you don't call me by this time, I'm going to be very worried." And if I don't call him, he's at the door, shaking, crying because he's afraid that something happened to me. He's so protective.

Interviewer: Maybe he hasn't quite grown out of his Oedipus complex.

Define the word Oedipus.

— Los Angeles Magazine, January 1994

On other models:

I don't get along with women... I try my hardest, but they don't like me. [Other models] just don't talk to me. They give me snarly looks.

— People Weekly, April 12, 1993

Other models don't want nothin' to do with me. I think they can't accept that I can eat and that they have to be skinny and really work at staying that way.

— Playboy's Anna Nicole Smith magazine special, 1995

On her late husband:

What Howard and I had was very special, but because of his age we didn't have a conventional love life. Let's just say I made him very happy, but it wasn't like being with a 40-year-old.

— FHM, 1998

On women's rights:

Whoever started that, I could kick them in the head. I believe in women staying home and watching the children while the husband's at work -- the traditional way. I would have been home with my family right now, except for my husband.

— Entertainment Weekly, May 28, 1993

On literature:

Favorite Authors: The people who write my favorite soaps.

— Her Playmate Data Sheet for Playboy, May 1992

On faith:

I've realized you mustn't get depressed. I also found Jesus again. I was always into Our Lord The Savior, but I really got into it again and that helped me out a lot.

— FHM, 1998

On hell:

I think you burn eternally. You just burn forever and ever and ever.

— Los Angeles Magazine, January 1994

On heaven:

I think heaven's a beautiful place. Gold. You walk on gold floors.

— Los Angeles Magazine, January 1994

On censorship and the Internet:

I am the biggest fan of freedom of expression even though some of the things the media writes about me isn't very nice. The First Amendment is my favorite. What if they didn't let Mr. Hefner publish Playboy when he was starting out? The thing about the Web is that you select what you want to see. If you don't want something, don't ask for it. I think that pictures and writing shouldn't be restricted by the government on the Internet.

— "Ask Anna" on annalive.com, March 1996

On whether the government is hiding the truth about UFOs:

Are you sure that you're not looking for the X-Files or something? Well, this girl Drew said that when she was a kid, the government came and tried to take away the spaceman that her brother Elliot found in the woods. So yes.

— "Ask Anna" on annalive.com, March 1996

On her reputation:

I am one of the biggest scandals of the universe and you can quote me on that.

— USA Today, August 13, 1998

On making a brand new start:

Just you watch me go. I am fitter, prettier, curvier, and more together than I can ever remember -- not that I can recall too much about the last few years.

— "Gossip with Christina Nunez," 1997

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