My LIVE Chat with Anna Nicole Smith

OnlineHost : Your host for tonight is CSEmcee2 (Bill)

OnlineHost : Peter C. Klamka, the 26-year old founder and
: President of Wilshire Fragrance Inc., announced
: the debut of LIVE, a shared fragrance featuring
: Anna Nicole Smith. LIVE will be available
: exclusively at Camelot Music stores beginning
: October 1, 1995.

OnlineHost : Camelot Music is a 400 store retailer of compact
: disks, cassettes and video tapes. LIVE marks the
: first time that a major brand has been launched
: exclusively in a music and video retailer.

OnlineHost : Anna Nicole Smith, the former Playboy Playmate of
: the Year and former Guess? jeans model, will be
: featured in the point-of-purchase and print-
: campaign for LIVE. There will also be a "Get LIVE
: with Anna" promotion that will coincide with
: personal appearances by Anna at Camelot stores.

OnlineHost : The scent is a contemporary mix of mandarin,
: lavender, lemon and spearmint enhanced with mid
: qualities of jasmin, nutmeg, apple and black
: pepper.

OnlineHost : The packaging is among the most distinctive in
: fragrance. The custom frosted bottle employs
: either a red or cyan LIVE trademark. In addition
: to the LIVE mark, the black packaging also
: features the LIVE theme, "Bold Uncompromising
: Fearless."

OnlineHost : There are two sizes -- a 1.7 ounce and a 3.4
: ounce. The retail prices begin at $12.00. LIVE is
: available only in spray format.
: "Anna Nicole Smith personifies the LIVE spirit
: all-American beauty with unmistakable sex appeal
: and a hint of mischief. Anyone, male or female,
: can relate to her," says Klamka.

OnlineHost : "There is no other fragrance like LIVE. It seems
: to me that the best things in fashion, music and
: movies always begin outside the traditional
: channels of distribution. Limiting distribution
: to a music retailer allowed me to do things that
: would not seem possible in a department store
: environment," added Klamka.

OnlineHost : In addition to traditional forms of advertising,
: LIVE will also have its own web site on the
: Internet.
: Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Wilshire Fragrance
: was formed to market the Campus Collection, a line
: of collegiate-licensed men's colognes. Wilshire
: also markets a NASCAR line of fragrance. Please
: welcome Anna Nicole to America Online!

CSEmcee2 : Good evening Anna and welcome to AOL and Centerstage!

Live Anna : It's great to be here.

CSEmcee2 : Great to have you! Ok here is our first question.

Question : Can you tell us about the new Fragrance? What makes
it different?

Live Anna : It's my first fragrance. It's unisex. It must be
experienced to be believed.

Question : Anna, why the perfume business and the name LIVE?

Live Anna : Because I've always wanted a fragrance and when the
right opportunity came along I jumped aboard.

Question : What do you like better, Acting or Modeling?

Live Anna : They are both very different. I like them both very
much. Modeling gives you are variety.

Question : Anna Nicole, if you could pick THE perfect role for
you, what kind of character would you
Question : play in your next film? What kind of role would it

Live Anna : A love story. $

Question : Anna... where are you originally from??

Live Anna : Mexia, Texas and Houston, Texas. $

Question : How did you get your start in the modeling business?

Live Anna : Through Playboy and Guess

Question : what new projects are you working on?

Live Anna : I am touring Camelot Music stores around the world to
promote LIVE, my fragrance, of course.

Live Anna : I am current working on a new script.

Question : Anna, are you going to make any colognes for men?

Live Anna : My fragrance, LIVE, is unisex -also for men and
judging by the reaction from the men who met me

Live Anna : at Camelot in Cleveland last weekend. All men will love LIVE.

Question [D. TRULL]: Why did you change your name from Vickie Smith?
Do your friends call you Anna, or Anna Nicole, or Vickie?

Live Anna : Everyboy calls me Anna. I prefer Anna Nicole. I
changed my named to Anna Nicole from Vickie because

Live Anna : I hate the name Vickie. I wanted a great
professional name. What do you think?

[I'm trying not to call her "Anna" anymore. It's Anna Nicole from now on. --DT]

Question : What is involved in marketing a product like your new

Live Anna : A lot of work and sweat. It's important to me that
LIVE is understood by my fans. I take pride in my

Live Anna : contribution to LIVE.

Question [D. TRULL]: I'm excited to see you have a new Playboy special
on newsstands next month! Will it contain all-new pictures?

Live Anna : I am not aware of this issue. I've been too busy
working on my fragrance.

[It's official: I know more about Anna Nicole than SHE does. --DT]

Question : Hi, are you going to be a guest star in a Baywatch

Live Anna : Please!

Question : Anna, What are your plans for the future...any more

Live Anna : Of course, more movies. More modeling. Many things
on my agenda. Very busy woman.

Question : Hi Anna... What do you like to do in your spare time?

[Soon as this question popped up, I hollered, "Eat! Eat! EAT!" --DT]

Live Anna : Lay in my bed. Watch TV. Pig out on junk food.

[Told ya! --DT]

Question : Why was the Camelot Music store chosen to market the

Live Anna : Camelot Music is the coolest music chain in the
country. I have the coolest fragrance. I used to

Live Anna : shop at Camelot when I lived in Texas. There are
lots of them there.

Question : I've seen you in the Naked Gun 33 1/2. What was it
like working in that movie?

Live Anna : It was the best. I had fun working with Leslie
Neilson, the crew, the director, Peter and everyone

Live Anna : else.

Question : Hi Anna Are you going to make anymore Playboy

Live Anna : Not at this time.

Question : Will you be doing any T.V. ads for the fragrance?

Live Anna : Next year.

Question : How we you selected to be the LIVE spokeswoman? What was the process?

Live Anna : I guess Peter liked me. Lucky me.

Question : Is the fragrance light or heavy? Is it meant for a
businesswoman as well as a student?

Live Anna : The fragrance is a balance between the two. As a
businesswoman, myself, it works for me. I wear it

Live Anna : twice a day -morning and evening. It is perfect for
a student too.

Question : Do you plan an entire line of cosmetics? This sounds

Live Anna : It is in development.

Question : Anna: How do you feel you can compete with all the
other perfume and fragrances out there?

Live Anna : The best always rises above the rest.

Question : What was the inspiration behind your unisex perfumes

Live Anna : I have always wanted a fragrance. Unisex works all
Anna fans.

Question : Do you have any beauty secrets that you can share
with everybody?

Live Anna : Eating.

[YESSSSS!!!!!! God, I LOVE this woman! --DT]

Question : The essence consists of fruit and spice. Where does
the clout come from?

Live Anna : Clout?

Question : Did Anna enjoy filming "Taking it to the Limit"

Live Anna : It was a stressful time for me.

Question : What was it like for you as a young child growing uop

Live Anna : Don't ask.

Question : How old were you when you first started modeling

Live Anna : 20

Question : Anna, what is the status of your upcoming
pay-per-view production with Affinity Television?

Live Anna : Edenquest?

Question : Anna, were you approached with the idea for the
perfume or did you decide to do it on your
Question : own?

Live Anna : I had always wanted a fragrance. I was approached. I
said yes because I like the concept with me as a

Live Anna : partner.

CSEmcee2 : We have time for one more question...

Question : Anna, what company is your fragrance through?

Live Anna : Wilshire Fragrance.

CSEmcee2 : Thanks to Anna for all you great responses! It was
great having you here !

Live Anna : I loved being here.
Live Anna : Bye bye.

OnlineHost : Our thanks to Anna Nicole Smith for appearing in
: behalf of LIVE, the new scent from Wilshire
: Fragrance Inc. Look for it at a Camelot Music
: store near you. Thank you and good night!

OnlineHost : Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc. All Rights
: Reserved.

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